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myCourse - Summer housekeeping and upgrade
by Roger Emery - Monday, 5 August 2013, 4:05 PM

Dear myCourse User

It has come to the time of year to carry out some housekeeping on myCourse. We have completed upgrading the system so you'll notice some minor changes, but on the whole it all works as before.

Things you need to know:

All 2012-2013 Units have been renamed. These will remain as an archive for student reference and revision and for university auditing of online submissions and appeals evidence if required.

New empty units have been set up for the coming year. Unit leaders will be attached to them over the coming week., but please let us know what you need access to (see 'need to do' below). The new units include guidance about the new minimum requirements for units which you can delete after use.

Students will be automatically added to the units ready for the start of term. This data is taken from the student record system overnight so students may have to wait until the next day to see the change if they swap units or course. Please liaise with your faculty office if students are missing or incorrect - it will mean something is amiss with their enrolment.

Staff and students will not be able to add themselves to myCourse sites.
This helps respect the privacy of the class, especially where online activities are taking place. It prevents assignments being uploaded tot he wrong unit. However Unit Leaders can add other members of staff such as additional tutors, technicians and so on. See

Your can import content from the previous year into your new unit
If you want the content from a previous iteration of your unit (or another unit site you teach on), you can import this easily, using the one minute process outlined at this link:
Please do not import Turnitin Assignments, a new one should be set up for each assessment point.

Course and Programme home pages remain as is year on year.
These pages are more of a course notice board. Incoming students will have access to these pages from late August to view their Induction Timetables and take part in any induction activities you may set up.

Things you need to do:

Tell us which units you are teaching on next year.
Please email with an up to date list of the units/courses where you require access. Please include Unit Name and Unit Code and start date if multiple versions. Please include your role (unit leader, tutor, course leader etc).

Send your Reading Lists to the Library.
All you have to do is send your lists to with unit details.
For more information see

Fulfil the "Minimum Content" checklist
In accordance with the Academic Handbook requirements, section 2B, as issued by Academic Services (AS), there are a number of requirements for all myCourse unit pages, that academics will need to ensure are provided to students. Full details here You will find a checklist in your new empty unit.

If you need any help please email - somebody will be monitoring the inbox throughout the summer.

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